Sunday, October 9, 2011


So here we all are, still homeless with all of us assistants scattered about. Some of us have temporary homes, mostly the people who are in St. Laurent or Kourou, but us Cayenne, and its surrounding suburbs, folk are still without a home.

Allegedly, this year the referents for all of us assistants are not too keen on helping us find a home, or say transportation between Cayenne and its surburbs (Remire-Montjoly, Matoury). So some assistants are staying in people's houses, and three of us are staying at the Maison de l'Education still.

So I guess you should consider, if coming to French Guiana and in particular Cayenne, how difficult it is to find housing. We have all been using to find a place to live. I highly suggest trying to find something before you come. Not that everyone at the Rectorat isn't helpful - because they are, and they're very nice and all, but it is difficult period to find an apartment or colocation at a good price in Cayenne. We are all looking for something in the 300-400 euro price range, considering how much we get paid. Already furnished is another criteria since we will only be here for about 6 months (now).

That is all for today.

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